At times, individuals require temporary car insurance. One-day car insurance can be useful if one is moving or only using a car for a short period. Unfortunately, car accidents happen even when one takes as many precautions as possible. Therefore, having car insurance is critical. Without car insurance, one is placed at risk of a law suit, having to pay for repairs and medical bills out of pocket and has no one to advocate for them in cases of multiple vehicle accidents. Further, in many states operating a motor vehicle without insurance is against the law.

Who Needs One-Day Car Insurance?

The short answer to this question is anyone who will be temporarily driving a car and does not have regular insurance should have one-day car insurance. Some examples of times when one-day car insurance is appropriate are when one is moving and borrowing a car, students on a holiday break who will be using a friend or relative’s car for a short period, and those who own a classic or recreation car that is only driven once in a while.

What does one-day car insurance cover?

Like other insurance one-day car insurance covers the car or truck in the case of an accident. This coverage can be customized to fit the need of the consumers. For example, some individuals only require one-day collision coverage whereas others desire a comprehensive coverage. Discussing the options with an insurance agent will allow one to make the best possible choice.

Why Purchase one-day auto insurance?

The biggest reason one should purchase one-day auto insurance is that accidents happen. In many cases when someone is borrowing a car, they might not be used to the vehicles controls in these cases they are at an increased risk of an accident. Further, having proper coverage means that individuals are protected from the financial tolls of an auto accident. Finally, for those who drive without insurance in states where insurance is legally mandated they are exposed to hefty fines and possible vehicle towing if they do not have the proper insurance.

One day car insurance protects drivers from the financial and legal perils of driving without insurance when they need to temporarily use a car or truck

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