Introducation of Cake PHP

This site explains how to set up authentication on a CakePHP application, starting from the most basic setup and finishing with advanced authorization mechanisms. This is accomplished through the use of tools that are built into the framework core, which allow us to quickly set up secure areas without losing flexibility to build more complex […]

Hashing a password confirmation field

When the Auth component is enabled on a controller and the user submits a form with a field named password (regardless if it is being rendered in the login form), the component will automatically hash the password field before executing the controller’s action. This means that the action will never hold the plain password value, […]

Basic Settings of Cake PHP

The first task to be completed when we are in the process of adding authentication to an application is to identify which controllers will need user access. Normally we would make every controller and action protected by default, and then we would specify which areas of our application allow public access. Getting ready We must […]