To be an informed consumer, you will want to examine all the types of auto insurance policies before you decide what you need to buy. If you don’t, it is likely that you will not have the protection you need, and may be paying for coverage you will never use.

IFA Insurance offers an exceptional discount to businesses and organizations who are registered in the IFA Affinity program. These mark-downs can be up to 40% and are obtainable at no additional cost. IFA has specific information on their website for patrons from New Jersey and Pennsylvania. This comprises information about coverage minimums and state laws. IFA prides itself on offering insurance to outstanding drivers with clean driving records.

About IFA Insurance Company

They do not have a listing of agents on their website, and there is no search function to guide a potential shopper. However, there is a toll-free phone number that prospective and current customers can call to speak with an agent.

The IFA is located at 14 Walnut Avenue in Clark, New Jersey. This is the only available address on their website, and this invariably means that the primary form of communication is by emails and phone calls. The lack of several brick and mortar addresses does not imply that IFA Insurance is not an efficient insurer, it simply means that they carry out more of their business activities via their website.

IFA Insurance Location

IFA offers personal insurance in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, but there is no brick and mortar office building situated in Pennsylvania. They also offer auto insurance quotes online. In fact, almost all pages on their website have a link to get a free quote by inputting your zip code. When a prospective customer inputs a zip code, extra information such as the type of vehicle, the name of the driver, and preferred insurance is requested.

Overall, IFA offers auto insurance packages that most drivers will find reasonable priced and will meet all their car insurance needs. For an IFA Auto Insurance coverage email or call 1-877-432-0292 to get a quote.

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