After the news story’s headline, a paragraph-long excerpt follows it—but, again, the markup belies the content’s intent:

<br>Yannatos starts 41st year conducting Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra
<a href=””><font
size=”-1”><b>More</b></font></a><font size=”-1”><br></font>

If this is a paragraph, then we should mark it up as such, and not just rely on break elements (<br>) to visually set it apart from the content surrounding it:

<p>Yannatos starts 41st year conducting Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra <a
title=”Harvard Gazette: &quot;Illuminating the beauty of life&quot;”

Here, you can see that we’ve included the More link within the paragraph—as we’ll show you later in the chapter, we could easily use CSS to move the anchor down to the next line. So, while keeping the anchor inside the paragraph is intentional, you may opt to take a different approach.

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