SXSW Festival 2018 is five months beyond, and today’s broadcast report the first movement of over 200 Represent Artists who will be operating at the SXSW Music Festival, March 12 to 18, 2018. Introduction is the standard at SXSW, and with acts from 32 countries set to execute in an host of musical styles you can look to find artists and genres that you don’t even know you love yet.

sxsw music festivals 2018

Represent Artists include 88 Rocking artists Higher Brothers from Chengdu, new Matador Records signee Snail Mail, recent additions to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, Jay Park and Farina and China and Indonesian rapper Rich Chigga. Moses Boyd back with the jazz/grime/electronic-infused Moses Boyd – Solo X one-man execution, while Marlon Williams, and iconic UK indie pop legends The Wedding Present and Albert Hammond Jr-produced Japanese indie-rockers DYGL, UK and New Zealand singer/songwriters Lucy Rose also join the 2018 layout. View the full list of Representing Artists below.


  • Follow the official SXSW 2018 Music Festival playlist on Spotify
  • Listen to SXSWfm’s rocking show presenting artists from today’s broadcasting
  • Surf wound up our SXSW 2018 Presenting Artists Music Videos playlist on YouTube

If you lost it, the SXSW meeting built a Keynote & Highlighted Speakers Broadcast yesterday, along with additions to the Music Tracks. Grammy songwriter Keith Urban and Award-winning singer will communicate at the metting as part of Music Stories & Culture, and Spotify’s Chief Content Officer Stefan Blom will have a consultation with Josh Constine, the Editor-At-Large for TechCrunch, in Sync, Stream & License.

Lock in your spot in the listener for these achievement and metting sessions by registering to attend. Act quickly, as enroll before the October 20 deadline will save you 30% on a Music Shield. The Music Shield provides primary access to all showcases, Music and Concurrence tracks at the SXSW Meeting and more, plus secondary access to Collective and Film content. Analysis this chart to learn more about what the Music Shield can do for you.

Artists, if this broadcast has offered as a suggestion that you have not yet submitted your Showcase Application, don’t frenzy. There’s still time to apply before the final deadline on October 20.

2018 SXSW Representing Artists

Ace Tee (Hamburg GERMANY)
Altre di B (Bologna ITALY)
Antytila (Kyiv UKRAINE)
Automelodi (Montreal CANADA)
Avatar Darko (Seattle WA)
Bad Moves (Washington DC)
Bad Pony (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Alice Bag (Los Angeles CA)
Lee Bains III + The Glory Fires (Birmingham AL)
Bajaga and Instruktori (Belgrade SERBIA)
Baywaves (Madrid SPAIN)
Benin City (London UK-ENGLAND)
Dan Bettridge (Bridgend UK-WALES)
The Bishops (Austin TX)
Blackberries (Solingen GERMANY)
Boogat (Montreal CANADA)
Moses Boyd – Solo X (London UK-ENGLAND)
Brightness (Newcastle AUSTRALIA)
The Britanys (New York NY)
Buddy (Compton CA)
C-Kan (Guadalajara MEXICO)
Dylan Cameron (Austin TX)
Fabrizio Cammarata (Palermo ITALY)
Cape Francis (Brooklyn NY)
Castlecomer (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
ChihiroYamazaki+ROUTE14band (Tokyo JAPAN)
Cilantro Boombox (Austin TX)
Cirkus Funk (Cali COLOMBIA)
C.Macleod (Stornoway UK-SCOTLAND)
Kelvyn Colt (Bingen GERMANY)
Coma Pony (Chihuahua MEXICO)
Crumb (Brooklyn NY)
Cursed Earth (Perth AUSTRALIA)
Curved Light (Austin TX)
Cut Worms (Brooklyn NY)
Mikaela Davis (Rochester NY)
Jarv Dee (Seattle WA)
Helena Deland (Montreal CANADA)
Deluxe (Aix-en-Provence FRANCE)
Dirgahayu (Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA)
Stella Donnelly (Fremantle AUSTRALIA)
Keelan Donovan (Portland ME)
Joey Dosik (Los Angeles CA)
Draper (London UK-ENGLAND)
DYGL (Shibuya JAPAN)
El Otro Borges (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
El Otro Grupo (Santa Marta COLOMBIA)
Farina (Medellin COLOMBIA)
Fatai (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Charlie Faye & The Fayettes (Austin TX)
Ruby Fields (Cronulla AUSTRALIA)
The Fish Police (London UK-ENGLAND)
Flyte (London UK-ENGLAND)
The Foreign Resort (Copenhagen DENMARK)
Forever (Montreal CANADA)
Francobollo (London UK-ENGLAND)
Fuglar (Santiago CHILE)
Gang of Youths (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Nubya Garcia (London UK-ENGLAND)
Samantha Glass (Madison WI)
William Harries Graham (Austin TX)
Grand Analog (Toronto CANADA)
Grandchildren (Philadelphia PA)
Greenbeard (Austin TX)
Grim Streaker (Brooklyn NY)
Grupo Rebolu (Colombia NY)
Gulfer (Montreal CANADA)
Sinead Harnett (London UK-ENGLAND)
Hatchie (Brisbane AUSTRALIA)
Hater (Malmo SWEDEN)
Ashley Henry Trio (London UK-ENGLAND)
Higher Brothers (Chengdu CHINA)
The Homesick (Dokkum NETHERLANDS)
Honduras (Brooklyn NY)
Warren Hood (Austin TX)
Huxlee (Los Angeles CA)
Izzy True (Trumansburg NY)
Jade Imagine (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Joji (Tokyo JAPAN)
JP The Wavy (Tokyo JAPAN)
Keith Ape (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Sarah Klang (Gothenburg SWEDEN)
La Banda Morisca (Andalucía SPAIN)
Manu Lanvin (Lyon FRANCE)
Leather Girls (Austin TX)
Luna Lee (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Lethal Bizzle (London UK-ENGLAND)
Benji Lewis (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Dean Lewis (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Los Wilds (Madrid SPAIN)
Lolo Lovina (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Luneta Mágica (Manaus BRAZIL)
The Magnettes (Pajala SWEDEN)
Manatee Commune (Seattle WA)
Mannequin Pussy (Philadelphia PA)
Anna McClellan (Brooklyn NY)
Melo Makes Music (Chicago IL)
Milk & Bone (Montreal CANADA)
Miqui Brightside (DJset) (Madrid SPAIN)
Mothership (Dallas TX)
Museless (Barcelona SPAIN)
My Life as Ali Thomas (Bangkok THAILAND)
Hans Nayna (Mahebourg MAURITIUS)
Night Beats (Austin TX)
Not3s (Hackney UK-ENGLAND)
No Vacation (San Francisco CA)
Nnamdi Ogbonnaya (Chicago IL)
Okey Dokey (Nashville TN)
Our Girl (London UK-ENGLAND)
The Outer Vibe (Nashville TN)
The Outfit, TX (Dallas TX)
Jay Park (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Partner (Windsor CANADA)
Peach Pit (Vancouver CANADA)
Sloan Peterson (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
pH-1 (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Phe Reds (Seattle WA)
Sara Pi (Barcelona SPAIN)
Plastic Picnic (Brooklyn NY)
pronoun (Brooklyn NY)
Punjabtronix (Bristol UK-ENGLAND)
Oliver Rajamani (Austin TX)
David Ramirez (Austin TX)
Rancho Aparte (Quibdó COLOMBIA)
Ratboys (Chicago IL)
Gemma Ray (Berlin GERMANY)
Lou Rebecca (Paris FRANCE)
*repeat repeat (Nashville TN)
Jess Ribeiro (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Rich Chigga (Jakarta INDONESIA)
R.LUM.R. (Nashville TN)
Lucy Rose (London UK-ENGLAND)
Rude Kid (London UK-ENGLAND)
Salem’s Bend (Los Angeles CA)
Sammus (Ithaca NY)
sarasara (Lille FRANCE)
Sassy 009 (Oslo NORWAY)
Say Sue Me (Busan SOUTH KOREA)
Ed Schrader’s Music Beat (Baltimore MD)
Shamir (Las Vegas NV)
Shopping (London UK-ENGLAND)
Silibrina (São Paulo BRAZIL)
Raz Simone (Seattle WA)
Snail Mail (Baltimore MD)
Sonars (Bergamo ITALY)
Remember Sports (Philadelphia PA)
Steak (London UK-ENGLAND)
Stefflon Don (London UK-ENGLAND)
Sturle Dagsland (Stavanger NORWAY)
Sun Seeker (Nashville TN)
Surfbort (Brooklyn NY)
Surma (Leiria PORTUGAL)
Talisco (Paris FRANCE)
Tennis System (Los Angeles CA)
Terry vs. Tori (Seville SPAIN)
Theodore (Athens GREECE)
TiKA (Toronto CANADA)
Adam Torres (Austin TX)
Totally Mild (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Touts (Derry UK-N. IRELAND)
Uni (New York NY)
Dhruv Visvanath (New Delhi INDIA)
VOWWS (Los Angeles CA)
VVV (Austin TX)
Warbly Jets (Los Angeles CA)
The Watchers (San Francisco CA)
The Weather Station (Toronto CANADA)
The Wedding Present (Leeds UK-ENGLAND)
Jerry Williams (Portsmouth UK-ENGLAND)
Marlon Williams (Christchurch NEW ZEALAND).
Wo Fat (Dallas TX)
“World Music Unleashed” by SIPM (Austin TX)
Yemen Blues (Tel Aviv ISRAEL)
Yultron (Los Angeles CA)
Yungen (London UK-ENGLAND)
The Zephyr Bones (Barcelona SPAIN)
Violetta Zironi (Reggio Emilia ITALY)

Each year the SXSW Music Festival hosts a curated mix of artists performing in bars, clubs, parks, churches, hotels, and more in Austin, Texas. This year’s festival will take place March 12-18.

Not limited in genre or regional focus, public can enjoy a variety of musical styles at SXSW. At the 2017 edition, new, developing, and established Performing Artists from 63 countries were described between the 2,000-plus official musician. To preview the 1000+ acts declear so far for 2018, stream our Spotify Playlists, surf our YouTube Music Video playlist, and tune into SXSWfm.

Showcases are created by record labels, management and PR firms, booking agencies, publishers, export offices, media outlets, festivals, lifestyle brands and more, drawing on a pool of artists looking to establish their careers by reaching new listeners.



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